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What is AT's ROM Games?

AT's ROM Games 2.0 and 3.0 is a collection of ROMs including Flash, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Apple, Commodore, and more.

Future Plans

A Sega phase, a Sony phase, more Nintendo and Flash games, and also a Xbox phase.

AT's ROM Games 3.0 may be finished near the end of the year, or later in 2022.


Emulators are avaiable for all types of games we have. Remember that some might be a little slow, old, or a little diffcult to set up.


Betas are there when we are in a middle of a process for each standalone version, such as 3.0.


What happened to AT's ROM Games 1.0?

It was finished, but was never originally mean't to be released to the public. AT's ROM Games was mean't to be a personal software for me. But 2.0 gave me the idea to release it to the public.

File Sizes

Some versions are gigabytes long, it may take a while to download. The current file is 9.2 gigabytes as of the Sony phase.


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